As pro-audiovisual technologies are becoming more advanced, they are also becoming more complex – demanding higher skills from their users in order for them to reach decisions regarding devices and systems that most suit their needs, to use such devices and systems and also to solve associated problems that may occur during use. It is, in fact, essential for these users to receive professional support if they are to overcome the problems – an aspect which is not an option anymore, but a necessity. Customer support in the form of services we provide is, therefore, an integral part of our business at BOODLES.

The customer support system we have put in practice seeks to assist our clients in planning, installation, training, trouble shooting, maintenance and upgrading so that they are able to maximize the utility of the products they receive through us. Our pre-sales service mainly focuses on providing information on the products we deal in and the services we render. The aim is to sufficiently equip our clients or prospects with necessary product knowledge so that they are able to make informed decisions. In other words, the information we provide allows them to make apt choices that best-fit their specific requirements in terms of the cost and utility of the systems and services they seek to invest in.

During sales our emphasis shifts to delivery and installation of equipment where necessary. At BOODLES, the importance of delivering the goods on agreed times is never compromised. Professional assistance is also provided where installation or erection of certain systems is a requirement.

It is probably the after sales service that our customers rely heavily on in order for them to continue enjoying the advantage they gain by investing in products we are promoting. Since a prolonged problem in a device or the system can often cost our customers dearly, our team of professionals remains standby to help any client troubleshoot, maintain or upgrade their devices or systems. Our commitment is to provide our customers with superior distinctive after sales service that not only differentiates us from possible competition but also fosters customer satisfaction.

Conducting necessary training sessions for those who seek so is yet another area we are committed to. A customer can request for such sessions anytime during their association with us – before, during or after the purchase.